Reflection: Convergence


Convergence is the merging of various forms of mass media such as the Internet, books, magazines, newspapers, television and film. Media convergence in this day and age is definitely a fact prevalent in almost everything we do from day to day. The use of e-readers and their accompanying applications, such as the Nook and the Kindle, are becoming a primary way of reading due to their lower price and convenience. Similarly online magazines are now at the forefront especially ones that focus on popular culture like Buzzfeed. Online magazines make news faster and also allow publications to voice their opinions more than they did before. Social media also plays a hand in media convergence. For example, during the VMAs People Magazine did not have to wait a day or a week to publish the drama of the night or to cultivate their best dressed list they did it almost instantly that night and tweet it for the world to see. The Republican debate even had a special Snapchat story! Media convergence has also changed the TV and film industry. For example I have not watched a television show during its scheduled time in weeks I simply wait the next day for it to be released on the Xfinity application and watch it online from my iPad. Online streaming has definitely taken over the television and film arena similarly to how online radio has changed the way we listen to music. Media convergence has made radio person specific you no longer have to listen to songs you don’t like or settle for stations because they play a few songs you enjoy. Online radio tailor makes stations based on the artists, genres, or songs you enjoy and a simple taps on a thumbs down or up can make it even more special made for you. If anything media convergence has made life easier on the consumer by allowing them the ability to have everything they want or need at their finger tips in an instant perfectly designed just for them.

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