Ta-Nehisi Coates 

On October 7th 2015 I attended  a discussion with Ta-Nehisi Coates about his book Between the World and Me. Coates discussed both his book and how his experience at Howard University changed him as both a writer and as a person. Students were able to ask Coates questions they had about his work and other relevant topics. This discusion was impactful because it allowed me to see the affect Howard University has on its students. Coates noted during the discussion that without Howard University he would not have the ability to write in the way that he does. Coates also mentioned how the rich history of Howard University taught him a lot about who he is and who he could become. He also elaborated on concepts from his book including discussions of whiteness, black culture, and the disciplinary beating of his son. The entire session was informative and led me to evaluate how Howard University would inevitably shape me. The only dissapointment was the lack of spoilers about his work with the Black Panther comics!
For more about Coates:





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