New Media and Learning,Communication, and Culture

New media has definitely changed the way we communicate, learn, and create culture. The younger generation absolutely does not communicate the same way the older generations did. This generation is a lot shorter with its conversation, although the commentary is still often extremely insightful. New media has also changed how we learn. Technology has definitely changed the classroom dynamic. Both teachers and students have integrated into lessons and assignments making multidimensional more important. New media changes the way we create culture also. It changes the way we spread culture. For example, music is a very important piece of culture. We spread and use music differently with new media. We find out about new music through these mediums, we use it for comedy. Our dances have changed because of new media as well. Regional dance styles are now spreading throughout the country because of new media making the cultures from different parts of the country interconnected, one of the changes caused by new media. New media has changed the way we communicate with each other by expanding the limits of who we can communicate with and disseminate information to. Learning has also changed. New media has been integrated into the arena of education by both teachers and students. Lastly, new media has changed our culture. The way we share our culture has changed, as has the components of our culture. Culture is now adjust to fit into this new media landscape.

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