My Group Media Usage- Role 4

data visual

Link to the infographic:

Gaming in this group of students is by far the least popular medium. Most students did not game during their logging period except for one. However, print had very low numbers for our group. The group does not show any major trend in media usage. Each students most used media form was varied, one group member used computers at a much higher rate than her fellow students, while another student used his phone much more often than his fellow group members. Two students used television much more often while another student did not watch much TV at all during his logging period. However, radio and music players had similar numbers between members in terms of media usage. Social media usage was quite varied as well, on student used social media at a very high rate while another student uses social media at a very low one while the rest of the members of the group used social media roughly at a similar rate. In general there were small trends in media usage but single a popular medium within the group was not identifiable.

Group Media Log

Class Media Log

How to create and infographic like the one above

My group member’s blogs:

Role 1: Kayla Johnson

Role 2: Marcus Kennedy-Grimes

Role 3: Omar Lewis

Role 5: I’shanee Ford

Role 6: Jaylen Kelley


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