Howard University School of Communications Job Fair

career fair 1 career fair 2 career fair 3 career fair 4

On October 22nd I attended the Howard University career fair. Being that I was a freshman and I arrived during the heat of on site interviews I was unable to speak to many employers from my field. I spent some time learning about two programs at the University of Southern California. The recruiter and I discussed a social media development program that interested me greatly. We also discussed the public relations graduate program at the school. The recruiter told me that the most important thing for me to focus on at that point was my grades and maintaining the highest GPA possible. There were many other schools there that I looked at and asked for information on but many of them had journalism programs but not PR. I wish I had the opportunity to talk to a few major public relations firms but the interview lines were extremely long and I had to attend a class.

USC’s communications masters program
Major PR firm I wish I had the opportunity to speak with


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